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  • Andrew Kalb


At least 29 people were killed and over 50 were injured in two mass shootings over the weekend.

20 were left dead in El Paso, Texas and 9 were killed in Dayton, Ohio.

In wake of this past weekend’s mass shootings, was your radio station and its audience properly served with the latest information and content?

Staffing challenges, for many, in 2019 make it difficult for news and news/talk radio stations to aggressively cover breaking news, whether it’s in their city, across their state, somewhere else in the country or overseas, especially on a summer weekend.

Your team, and your network news affiliation are more important now than ever before.

Some areas to review as you go over your team’s coverage:

  • Did you have the level of live, breaking news coverage required for your format?

  • As the stories developed, did you have a coverage plan to follow?

  • Was information properly presented on-air, in live coverage, in a newscast insert, or in audio pieces for use in local programming?

  • Did your station have the big sound it deserves, no matter what size market you are in?

  • Did you have updated digital content for your website, apps and social platforms?

And, as after any breaking news story, it is helpful to review your plan for when something similar may happen in your market.

  • Will your team be ready?

  • Will they know how to move and utilize resources?

  • Will they know the best way to incorporate your news partner’s content on your air?

  • Will they be prepared to cover broadcast and digital platforms?

Everyone hopes these stories never happen, and never occur in your hometown, but unfortunately, they will take place and you will need to be leading your team’s coverage, for your community.

Andrew Kalb is a 30+ year broadcast and digital content provider, most recently he was head of programming and news coverage for ABC News Radio.

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